Event on the Greek language and the Cypriot Greek dialect in the UK

The Cyprus Educational Mission (KEA) and the University of Westminster are co-organising an educational symposium on the subject of “The Greek language and the position of the Cypriot Greek dialect in the Greek Cypriot community of the UK” on Sunday 11 June 2017 at the Cypriot Community Centre (Earlham Grove, Wood Green, London N22 5HJ) from 11:00 to 15:00.

The symposium will bring together members of the UK’s Greek Cypriot parikia (‘expatriate community’), teachers and Heads of Greek schools, and academics working on bi-/multilingualism in an open discussion on the heritage languages of the community, the roles the two varieties play in the life of British Greek Cypriots and attitudes towards them, their position and values within the Greek complementary schools, and their future in the UK. The symposium will feature presentations by academics of the University of Westminster, Goldsmiths (University of London), University of Cyprus and Open University of Cyprus as well as talks by teachers, parents and former students of London’s Greek schools in both Greek and English. Coffee/tea and a light lunch will be provided.

The symposium is organised under the auspices and the financial support of the British Academy as part of a Rising Star Public Engagement Award to Dr Petros Karatsareas for his project “Transforming heritage language education” (EN160023).

Please register for the event by Friday 2 June 2017 by contacting

The Cyprus Educational Mission

Telephone: 02088816982

Email: kea.uk@outlook.com

Dr Petros Karatsareas

Telephone: 07515126160

Email: P.Karatsareas@westminster.ac.uk

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