‘Everybody Can Dance’ workshop  and ‘Picturae Vitae’ performance 

The professional group of A.dd company, Aimon Garofallou with Dimitra Vasilopoulou and Dimitra Papadatou offer a workshop followed by an interactive dance performance. 

The event is inspired by the work of Greek painter Giannis Magganaris.

His work that reflects his life and his thoughts, is coming to life through the art of dance.

His ideas, his mentality about life and the man, his point of view about eternal concepts, such as love, cupid, loneliness, maternity, the role of woman, are expressed through dance during the performance, whose goal is to make the audience travel to the world of dancing and painting.

A few words about the painter Giannis Magganaris 

He studied in the Averofio School and French High School of Alexandria. He was one of the founding members of the Egyptian Students Club in Athens and the inspirer and co- founding member of the ‘Greek Intellectual Club of Alexandria’ in Alexandria. His work has been presented in public and private collections in Greece, Cyprus, Europe, Egypt and the U.S.A.

According to his own handwritten testimony, ‘he was born and raised in the city of Alexandria of Konstantinos Kavafis and Stratis Tsirkas…’

His art of painting ‘ has been through multiple stages, sharpened by classical elements, where the horizontal nature of the egyptian landscape, the Mediterranean luminosity, the greek clarity and the plasticity of the earth have found their balance.’


Saturday 24 June

4.30 pm: Everybody Can Dance workshop

6.30 pm: Picturae Vitae Dance Performance 

The Hellenic Centre, 

16-18 Paddington Street,  Marylebone, London, W1U 5AS

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