Skopelos islanders invite you to dance with them in a beautiful summer festival!


Summer has come and if you are looking to combine great scenery with cultural tourism, this is our suggestion: A folklore dance festival in the beautiful island of Skopelos in North Aegean!

What is Skopelos Dance Festival?

The 5th Folklore Dance Festival “Diamantis Palaiologos”, inspired by our beloved mentor and dance teacher Diamantis Palaiologos,will take place on the island of Skopelos, Greece, on August 26-28, 2017 under the auspices of the Municipality of Skopelos and the National Commission of UNESCO , and with generous contributions from individual donors and numerous volunteers.

How did it start?

The Folklore Dance Festival “Diamantis Palaiologos” was first organised in 2014 in honor of the dance teacher, Diamantis Palaiologos, in 2013.

In 2014, his students and his family assigned NGO “Plegma” to run the festival.

Who can participate?

The festival provides the opportunity to 600 young folk dancers from Greece and abroad to appear on stage as well as present their work in open rehearsals, seminars and workshops. The presentation of customs from different regions of Greece opens the way to co-productions by the participating dance groups.

At the same time, the spectacular parade by the dancers at the port of Skopelos sends forward a universal message of brotherhood and solidarity.

Do you believe that is offers a good opportunity for someone to visit Skopelos island?

Dedicated to tradition, dancing, volunteering and contribution, the festival invites everyone to take hold of our hand and dance with us on the beautiful island of Skopelos, bringing all of Greece together with traditional melodies and rhythms.

Is cultural tourism beneficial for the local community?

The festival serves as a platform for promoting synergies on a local, regional, national and international level, as well as between the public, private and volunteer sector and the academic community, aiming at promoting innovation and mobilizing the community.

It was awarded the silver medal (category: culture tourism) at Tourism Awards 2017 and the silver medal (category: culture) at the Best City Award 2016.

Does someone need to know how to dance to enjoy the festival?

There is no such a need! We invite everyone to participate in the series of open rehearsals, seminars and workshops, as well as to enjoy the performances and the amazing parade of dancers at the port of Skopelos.

Source: nea-diaspora

>>> You can learn more about the festival here and you can watch one more festival video here:

Skopelos Dance Festival – Φεστιβάλ Χορού της Σκόπελου

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