The Saints promote Players Sponsoring

Fr. Anastasios D. Salapatas

One of the new ventures that The Saints (St. Panteleimon FC) NW London have to deal with in the new phase of their journey is the sponsoring of their Players. Although the Team is not full time as yet, it certainly has a responsibility to its Players to cover certain expenses (travel etc.).

Therefore, the Committee has decided to allow and even promote the sponsoring of their Players as this practice is quite common in the English semi-professional football setting.

Many people, related in various ways with The Saints, came forward in order to support the Players and give them the necessary funding; thus, allowing them to offer more freely their good services to the Team.

Among the first who showed a kind interest in sponsoring a Player were people from the large Greek Community in the area of Harrow and in Greater London, especially those who founded the Team and are supporting it from day one of its existence.

It is worth noting that the Team has attracted the interest of many other people as well, Philhellenes and others, lovers of the Beautiful Game, who can appreciate the importance of sport in the life of young people and they want to be there for them and generously offer their assistance in the realisation of the aims set by the Team.

One of them is Mr. Mohammed Enus, of Essential phones (, a very successful businessman, who has established his own mobile phone company and offers best deals, with the right mobile solution, accompanied by total support call and always listening to his customers’ needs.

When he heard about The Saints’ story, from his friends Savvas Andreou (Chairman of The Saints) and his son Chris Andreou, has decided straightaway to sponsor a Player, of the starting eleven ones, the Player called Alex Dimgkioka, who has previously played as a professional with AEK Athens.

The Saints are very grateful to Mr. Enus and to the other Player sponsors and invite those interested to sponsor one of the few remaining Players, who are at the moment without a sponsor, to come forward and offer their kind support in this process of organising in the best way the first and only Greek Team which proudly competes in the English Football Leagues.

For more info please communicate with the following:

Fr. Anastasios Salapatas, Tel. 0044 – 20 – 8732 2833, 


James Neophytou (Secretary), Tel. 0044 – 7718 – 968 880,


Σας χρειαζόμαστε … όπως κι εσείς χρειάζεστε εμάς!

Το ιστολόγιο  είναι το μοναδικό μέσο ανεξάρτητης, ερευνητικής και αποκαλυπτικής δημοσιογραφίας που στηρίζεται αποκλειστικά στις μικρο-δωρεές των επισκεπτών του. Πιστεύουμε ότι η πληροφορία πρέπει να είναι διαθέσιμη σε όλους και για αυτό δεν κλειδώνουμε κανένα κομμάτι της ύλης αλλά για να παραχθεί το πρωτογενές υλικό που θα βρείτε εδώ χρειαζόμαστε την υποστήριξή σας. Αν δεν πληρώσουμε εμείς για την ενημέρωσή μας, θα την πληρώσει κάποιος άλλος…


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