LONDON: The “Saints” remain the only unbeaten team in MCFL – Div. 1

Good day for football in West London on Saturday 31st March 2018, as the “Saints” played Global United in a division game.

First few minutes were a reconnaissance game, as each team weighed the other, with initial pressure from the Saints.

After hitting the bar twice in the first 10 minutes, the “Saints” registered their first goal at the 10 minute mark with Elias Katsoloudi, swiftly doubling up after two minutes with Javonne Molloy for a quick 0-2 lead before the first quarter.

The game cooled off for the next fifteen minutes, but the “Saints” heightened the pressure on their opponents in the final quarter resulting in 3 more goals before half time. Telis Koumados made it 0-3, Elias Katsoloudi with his second goal for 0-4 and Noyan Tajbakhsh 0-5 .

The opening minutes of the second half saw the “Saints” picking up where they had left off, with Nikos Salapatas fresh onto the field scoring his first goal and then doubling up within the first quarter for 0-6 and 0-7 respectively.

Having established their game, the “Saints” took their foot off the pedal for a short while, but came back firing with a goal every two minutes: Igli Sevaj with his first for 0-8, Elias Katsoloudi again 0-9, Nikos Salapatas with another double for 0-10 and 0-11, Igli Sevaj again 0-12. Ayub Albadri rounded up for a lucky 13th; final score: 0-13.

Final whistle call of the game saw players exchanging handshakes in a climate of mutual respect, with the two coaches and the referee engaging in friendly conversation.

After the game, the “Saints” had learned the score of the game AFC United 3 v AEK London 1. This means that St. Panteleimon FC remains the only unbeaten team in the Middlesex County Football League – Division 1.

In regard to the League Cup, St. Panteleimon FC Committee has issued the following notice:

“The Middlesex League have declared that the semi final of the Jim Rogers President’s Division One Cup has been awarded to New Hanford. This is because St Panteleimon included a player in that game that was registered after 28th February. This was unintentional and was an inadvertent administrative oversight. But it is a technicality listed in the rules. Now we know.

The League’s Discipline Secretary Eddy Mee has confirmed that St Panteleimon have an excellent record and reputation, in all matters, and that this was an innocent oversight.

It means that New Hanford play in the Division One Cup Final on 14th April, and not The Saints. We apologise to our players, fans, members and sponsors. Our League campaign continues apace”.

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